I need you to help me make a decision

I need you guys to help me decide something.

You know how bloggers always write, “And how do YOU feel about your workweek? Tell me in the comments!!” “What tips do YOU have for meal prep? Tell me in the comments!!” “And what Savannah travel tips do YOU recommend? Share with us in the comments!!”

I don’t do that shit. Never once have I click-baited you for comments, and I promise I will continue to never, ever do so.

After just this one post.

I actually want your feedback here.

And frankly, I have this weird plugin called Reply-able where supposedly you’ll get an email from me if I reply to you, but frankly I don’t think the thing ever worked and it’s been on my to-do list since like, the DAY I INSTALLED IT to test it. So maybe just leave your thoughts, “IN THE COMMENTS!” and come back later to see if I replied.

Anyway. I asked three hundred and seventy-nine people this question in person or via text, until finally my friend Kevin (hi Kevin!) was like, “So…Number one, this is a blog post, and two…” To which I thought, of course this is a blog post!

This, if you really can’t see where I’m going with this, is that blog post.

I have two websites. I have ForAlltheFWords.com and KaraMcCartney.com.

Until now, KaraMcCartney.com has been more of an online portfolio than a website.

Here’s what I want: I loveeeeee writing. I love talking about writing. And frankly, I’ve read a ton of articles (or worse, sales pages for ebooks) on copywriting and think they’re bullshit. Slowly but surely, I started writing a few articles of my own, on how I approach a new client website or how I know the right questions to ask in an interview.

I shared one such article on this website, just to test the waters. You can read it, here.

The above article ^^^ isn’t too far off-brand for this site. Here, I talk about the people who inspire me and teach me everyday lessons. I am lucky enough to have clients who are such individuals. My clients make me think.

But eventually, I want to share more of these articles. They’re going to get pretty nitty-gritty. I only published three blog posts on my Kara McCartney website before abandoning any and all content as I waited to decide what to do with myself—but these are the articles I intend to write. They’re kind of tutorial-ish, and frankly, I think you would get pretty damn bored.

Like, do you REALLY care what CRM plugin I use? Do you even know what CRM IS? If I told you and dedicated six THOUSAND WORDS to convincing you of its importance would you install it anyway?

That was a lot of rambling and frankly, you should have been tired of this rant about 200 words ago. But here is my question:

Should I write about my business on this website, or should I write about my business on KaraMcCartney.com?

And here’s another thing to think about:

Should I embed my podcast episodes here, or should I embed them on KaraMcCartney.com? Because I haven’t done either because I can’t make up my mind.

Here are the positives and negatives of each (if you are still reading and are still invested in this post, all I can say is, you soldier.)

If I post my biz articles on KaraMcCartney.com:


  1. I have to keep track of two different websites
  2. I have to build an entire new audience
  3. I split my traffic between websites
  4. Anyone who comes to KaraMcCartney.com might never visit For All the F Words, and vice-versa
  5. It’s more work, bruh
  6. I STILL have to decide where to embed my podcast


  1. I have two distinct channels: For all the F Words and Kara McCartney. One is business; one is life
  2. I guess I would definitely post my podcast on KaraMcCartney.com (but then you guys might not see it!)
  3. My clients wouldn’t see just HOW MUCH I SWEAR

If I post my biz articles on For All the F Words:


  1. You might get bored with me talking about plugins, automation, et cetera
  2. Where the fuck would I put my case studies and client work? There’s like, no room for a portfolio
  3. It just seems sort of confusing


  1. I AM my business. My business is me. So life + business just sorta mixes
  2. I wouldn’t have to rebuild an audience, and you guys would get to see new podcast episodes (but you should subscribe in iTunes so you don’t have to!)
  3. I don’t have to “start all over” so to speak

What do you guys think?? I know the decision ultimately will land on me, but I am shamelessly asking for your feedback here.

“Tell me your thoughts in the comments!!”

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