Choose one thing to work on

This morning, I wrote three blog titles and deleted every one. Perhaps you’ll see them later this week. I wrote whole paragraphs before deciding I “wasn’t feeling it” and held down the delete button.

This morning, my mind is in a million places. When I march out this coffee shop and head to work in thirty minutes, a shit storm awaits me. It’s a good shit storm (yes, there are good shit storms), with lots of projects and events keeping me busy. But it keeps splitting my concentration from this laptop to the office.


Every day, you will have choices to make.

You will choose between packing your own lunch and grabbing takeout. You will choose between making your bed and making it to work on time. You will choose between squeezing in a workout, or squeezing in one final hour of work. Right now, I am choosing to sit here and type this blog post, even though there is a voice inside me screaming to march my ass to the office.

My friend Nora, who I look to for all things involving productivity, once told me she prioritizes every hour, of every day. She is constantly choosing to pick one project up and set one aside, type one email and ignore the second. It is a never-ending charade of “Do this, don’t do that. Now do that, you’re done with this,” playing out in her head.

I used to think I could multi-task the crap out of anyone. I actually said that in an interview for my college internship. I thought doing five things at once was better than doing one thing at a time, and oh how wrong I was.

You day is not about balance; it’s about choices.

If you’re having your morning coffee (like I am), and you’re waging an internal war of what to work on (like me), don’t try to fight both sides. Choose a task, finish a task, rinse and repeat.

Sometimes we feel guilty for choosing one thing over the other. Trust me, I’m fighting an all-out anxiety attack right now to get this damn thing published. In the time you spend shuffling papers, or staring blankly at your computer screen thinking “What the HELL should I work on first??” you could have already done something. Just pick a direction, and go with it.

You won’t gain five pounds overnight because you skipped the gym. Just because you didn’t make your bed for the first time since 2012 (because you really, really wanted to make a breakfast that didn’t consist of yogurt and granola), doesn’t mean your whole life is going up in flames. When you reprioritize tomorrow—as you should—you can bump those bad boys to the top of your task list.

Choose one thing at a time—no matter how loudly your ulter-wonder-woman-ego screams you can do it all at once. You got this.

  1. Kara, I so enjoy your gift of writing and bringing everyday life into focus. Your insight and sense of humor is so refreshing. It’s healthy to laugh out loud and you make me do that with your written word! Keep writing!!

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